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  • Who Watches The Watchmen?

    By John R. Mariano

    It should be just as illegal for Google to download private data as it is for the U.S. government to seize data without a warrant.

    The laws that would protect my privacy are also laws that … Read the rest

  • Buying Popularity

    Why Buying Social Media Lists is a Science, Not an Art

    By Ann Marie Gagliardi

    As a marketing professional, I’m constantly looking for ways to promote my company’s products, services, and expertise.  I admit to buying lists that often include … Read the rest

  • Blended Classrooms a Must for Learning UI and UX Design

    By Charmaine A. Banach

    Learning User Interface and User Experience design in a blended classroom is more effective than in a traditional course because the combination encourages discovery and interaction on multiple levels.

    A blended classroom is just that – … Read the rest

  • MOOCs no panacea to easy educational access

    By Monica Guy 

    In a nutshell: MOOCs and other open online courseware are useful additions to the global educational landscape, but they will neither undermine face-to-face teaching nor substantially increase access to education for disadvantaged students.

    Why the hell did … Read the rest

  • User Experience’s Dark Side Raises Ethical Stakes

    By Jim Griesemer

    “If you choose the quick and easy path, as Vader did, you will become an agent of evil.”


    In George Lucas’ epic screen saga, Star Wars, those with special talent and discipline can leverage Read the rest

  • The Interactive Voice

    By Robert Kalm 

    What is interactivity?
    When I was hired to teach the writing course in the graduate interactive program at Quinnipiac, I was struck by the word interactive immediately. We use it as a modifier in terms like interactive … Read the rest

  • Social Media Sourcing Tricks Reporters Use

    By Chuck Nelson

    David Moye was having trouble finding sources for a story. His topic? Humans having sex with aliens. Not the kind of thing you bring up in casual conversation with strangers waiting for a bus or shoppers at … Read the rest

  • Beyond Tabs: Designing A New Browser Experience

    By Aaron Travis

    There are over 2.4 billion Internet users in the world, and just about 100% of them use a browser to access it. Considering the importance and ubiquity of the browser, it’s surprising to think that they still … Read the rest