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  • Avoiding A Retweet Binge


    By Rachael Wolensky

    Have you ever noticed when people you follow on Twitter go on a retweet binge? It can be annoying to seea business or individual’s interests taking over your news feed while you’re scrolling through Twitter. What if … Read the rest

  • Insights on Switching, Centering, and Gestures for Touchscreens :: UXmatters

    Insights on Switching, Centering, and Gestures for Touchscreens :: UXmatters

    By Steven Hoober

    Published: September 2, 2014

    “Touch devices are still fairly new. We’re still developing patterns for interactions and are just now beginning to understand how users understand and employ their touchscreen devices.”

    While I’ve discovered many things in

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  • Riding the Juggernaut That Left Print Behind –

    Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.46.27 AM

    David Carr of the New York Times describes his struggle to keep up with reading printed publications in the era of instant news and information:

    Even if you aren’t one of those people worried about media consolidation — there are

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  • Email Design Reference and Resources

    A portion of the CSS reset code used in the templates.

    A portion of the CSS reset code used in the templates.

    by Phillip Simon, @quicmdirector

    Did you know that the email service MailChimp provides free tutorials and resources for creating HTML email messages? While some of the tutorials are about … Read the rest

  • Coping with Shifts in Interactive Media Technology

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    Program Director Phillip Simon discusses adapting to change.

    Interactive Media Masters Program Director Phillip Simon analyzes how adaptable, inquisitive students can survive and stay engaged in the constantly shifting technology landscape, even a decade from now. This article is adapted Read the rest

  • Simplified User Experience Design Patterns eBook from Oracle

    I strongly recommend anyone interested in UX (User Experience) design to look at this free publication Oracle has put together. It demonstrates how design and UX can be standardized across an enterprise wide Web application.

    Phill Simon (@quicmdirector)

    Karen Scipi … Read the rest

  • Who Watches The Watchmen?


    By John R. Mariano

    It should be just as illegal for Google to download private data as it is for the U.S. government to seize data without a warrant.

    The laws that would protect my privacy are also laws that … Read the rest

  • Buying Popularity


    Why Buying Social Media Lists is a Science, Not an Art

    By Ann Marie Gagliardi

    As a marketing professional, I’m constantly looking for ways to promote my company’s products, services, and expertise.  I admit to buying lists that often include … Read the rest