A non-commercial source of theory, criticism and technique, Interactive Media examines the trends, value and practices of digital publishing, video, design, social media, gaming, and user web experiences. The online site aims to foster professional, intellectual and stimulating exchanges, collaboration and debate across disciplines in the creative, practical, technical and ethical issues of this rapidly evolving branch of knowledge and experience.

The Website

Interactive Media is a site hosted by the interactive media program at Quinnipiac University’s School of Communications that presents exceptional writings, interviews, commentary and projects. Contributions come from experts and professionals in the field as well as Quinnipiac faculty, alumni, and students. Periodically, the site will host live broadcasts.

The ideas and opinions expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the options of the Quinnipiac interactive media program.


Phillip Simon, executive editor, is director of Quinnipiac’s Interactive Media program.

Patricia Daddona, managing editor, is interactive media program outreach coordinator.

About the Interactive Media Program Graduate Program

The Master of Science Interactive Media program focuses on the principles and practices of creating content for distribution through the Internet, portable media devices and related digital platforms. The program’s mission is to provide a master’s level education where students prepare to become interactive leaders, producers, and managers for national and global organizations.

Originally called e-media, then “interactive communications,” the Master of Science Interactive Media program was launched from within the university’s School of Communications in 2000.