Avoiding A Retweet Binge

By Rachael Wolensky

Have you ever noticed when people you follow on Twitter go on a retweet binge? It can be annoying to seea business or individual’s interests taking over your news feed while you’re scrolling through Twitter. What if I could tell you that you could manage your handle to retweet your favorite posts at designated times of the day, without overwhelming your followers at once? Well, there is a program to help you do this and it’s called Buffer.

Buffer can be used online or downloaded on your phone as an application. It syncs up with the Twitter handle you want to use and you can select the buffer option when you are in Twitter retweeting an interesting article or post. Although this application may not work all the time for a personal handle, it works wonders for a company’s or organization’s Twitter handle.

This program allows your handle the opportunity to pre-select a schedule of four retweets, quotes or mentions for the day, without having to watch your screen all day. I use this for my program’s handle on a daily basis and I try and space my four tweets from mid-morning to early evening. If you focus on the most popular times of the day that work for business, then buffer your tweets during those hours. Buffer is a free website/app that allows your handle to have up to ten tweets, which lasts for two-and-a-half days. It’s my suggestion that if your business handle is filling up with tweets from three days ago, it’s old news anyway. Ten preplanned tweets is the perfect amount for a handle, but ten minutes every morning can be done just as easily for the day.

Buffer allows you to schedule tweets on Twitter just like you would do on a website such as Hootsuite or Tweet Deck. The program also shows you which tweets performed the best and even gives you the opportunity to rebuffer your posts. By utilizing Twitter’s analytics page and Buffer, you have a great way of preparing tweets, analyzing your results for free, and presenting a detailed analysis of your business’ handle for your team.

Although Hootsuite and Tweet Deck have similar qualities to Buffer, this program out performs both. Hootsuite and Tweet Deck both have too many steps associated with scheduling a retweet. It’s time consuming and a nuisance. For analytics, Hootsuite provides limited access, while Tweet Deck doesn’t have access to any easily. Buffer provides ease and simplicity in scheduling retweets and posts, while these other tools waste time.

Buffer is an extremely helpful tool that allows you to take your brand’s social media channels to the next level. I suggest giving Buffer a try with brand or organization Twitter handles and then explore alternative social media options. If your performance on Twitter hasn’t improved within the first quarter, then all you did was try a new strategy for free and allow it to be a social experiment for the books.

Rachael Wolensky is a graduate student in the Interactive Media Master’s Program at Quinnipiac University and is currently a Graduate Assistant of the ICM program. She earned her Undergraduate degree with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Quinnipiac in 2014. Currently, Rachael works with Verizon in the Corporate Social Responsibility department for HopeLine, a program that collects no longer used wireless phones for domestic violence victims and survivors and provides funding to nonprofit organizations from phones that are unable to be refurbished.

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