Submission Guidelines

Interactive Media Digest periodically publishes commentary, criticism and technical “how-to” articles, videos, podcasts and other interactive media year round that meet our acid test. That is: Have something original, insightful, and thought-provoking to say about this field and engagement in a digital world, and “say” it well.

Content that is well written or well designed, clearly presented and articulately voiced and addresses interactive media’s role in today’s world will get our attention. Be passionate but reasoned and focused. From time to time, we may post a theme intended to instill debate on a particular subject, and host live broadcasts.


Articles must be complete, properly sourced, and previously unpublished.

Query us in order to be considered for contributions. To do this, contact us and identify yourself, your credentials and area of expertise. In a short paragraph summarize the focus of your article and what topic in interactive media you will cover. Please also provide a brief bio and photo.

For more information on editorial guidelines and permissions, see our Style & Copyright page.

Podcasts,  Video and Interactive Media

Follow query directions above. We remain open and committed to presenting work that complies with our mission in creative ways as opportunities arise.

Our Invitation to You

An invitation to submit is not a guarantee material will be published. Editors will select and edit submissions before publishing, and notify the contributor in advance if material is accepted. At this time, unsolicited material is not being considered.

To reach Executive Editor Phill Simon or Managing Editor Pat Daddona visit our Contact page.