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Editorial Guidelines

Articles should be no longer than 1,500 to 1,800 words, though exceptions may be considered, based on the quality of the work and scope of the argument.

Clear and accurate writing in a distinctive voice that makes a cogent point is what we aim to publish. The opening should define your purpose, engage the reader and set a tone that is direct and makes the reader want to know more. Don’t lose us with purple prose and jargon. End with a point that brings the reader full circle.

Correct grammar and punctuation is essential. No exceptions. Language should reflect respect for the audience and for posterity, since ultimately you are writing for future generations, not just our own.


Content on The Interactive Media Digest, founded in 2013, is protected by copyright. Reprints are permitted upon request three weeks or more after publication with written consent from the author and notification to the executive editor.

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